We have been developing and testing software since 2006. The founders of the company and key people in the team are developers by trade, all having a solid working experience not only in Ukraine but abroad. Our approach is based on our interest in all information technologies, so we not only create software, but we live it.

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History of our company

We registered the company in 2006 when software outsourcing was a relatively new business in Ukraine. By that time we had already had experience in participating in Ukrainian and foreign software development projects and some knowledge in project management. Besides, the IT industry attracted us as it offered a perspective of developing innovative, “fantastic” products, which change the world.

At the dawn of our existence, there were about 20 engineers in the company. We maintained small and medium-scale projects, collaborated with companies from the USA, the UK, and Europe. At that time we learned the peculiarities of business domains along the way, applied agile approach designing, developing, and implementing software solutions.

Collaborating with us, our customers’ business expanded and they started recommending us as a reliable performer. As a result, we grew steadily enlarging the number of maintained projects, selecting, recruiting, and training engineers, expanding the range of services.

We grow smoothly using reliable and proven technologies, optimally customizing business processes. Nowadays the company counts 250 engineers. We collaborate with more than 200 companies from 37 countries. To date, the company portfolio contains over 800 software development projects which we participated in.

To foster the boost of our customers’ ideas, – this is how we see our mission.

Leadership Team

Every member of our leadership team has solid experience in software development; we know all the peculiarities of the IT industry, participate in the IT community life, and are far from bureaucracy and formalism. Such an approach facilitates the implementation of innovative solutions enabling favorable climate for project development.
Vadim Sharko

Founder & Executive Director

Irina Tsulaia

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Rustam Nurgudin

Partner, Chief Technical Officer

Adam Nelson

Board Advisor

Polytech Software is your reliable partner in software development

The software that we develop must be qualitative, user-friendly, and scalable. To achieve this goal we train our staff, customize processes, and pay special attention to our customers’ feedback.

Customer convenience

Our engineers stick to coding standards, apply best practices, write easily readable and supported code. The clients get a software product that can be scaled and supported according to the market demand without costly fixes.


Any collaboration should be based on trust. We say "yes" to customers if they come to us with innovative and bold ideas and "no" if the implementation of the request won't be beneficial to the project.


Anything can be solved efficiently and in a short space of time if a problem is reported in time and without delay. We always stay in touch reporting our customers on the progress, discussing problems that emerge, and offering the ways of solving the tasks.

Safety and security

We take all necessary measures to protect the software under development as well as our customers' data. You can totally rely on our engineers as for the quality and reliability of the software they develop.

Key Polytech Software Facts


Years in busines

We work stably despite any changes in the economy and geopolitics. Supporting smooth project work and sticking to the agreement with our customers has always been our top priority.



We collaborate with enterprises in any part of the world adjusting to the different time zones, going on business trips if needed, and receiving customers in our office.




The number of engineers is growing alongside the growth of the company. At the very beginning, there were only 20 people in our team. Each of our team members is a high level professional in their field, and our customers are served by the teams that exactly match their requests.

86,4 M

Man-hours of software development

We develop, test, support, maintain, and integrate software building cool products.


The brands that trust us

Each of our projects is important to us. Valuing our customers’ trust we are ready to do our best to deliver the desired result.

Dell Customer
Kyocera Customer
Quest Customer
Wonga Customer
CEO and Founder at Acuity

Andrew Lane

CEO and Founder at Acuity

” We have been working with Softheme since 2015. As a start up it was essential to find a software development company that could provide us with the right level of support and expertise when we needed it and Softheme has made scaling up our business quick and effortless.

Their knowledge, skills and experience means we have the utmost trust in their abilities and quality of work. They have brought structure and process to our product development activities. They have become specialists in our market, enabling us to work efficiently as well as challenge ourselves, bringing new ideas to fruition with speed. “

Senior Software Engineer at Volkswagen AG
Volodymyr Osadchyy
Senior Software Engineer at Volkswagen AG

” I have known Polytech Software Company for 15+ years now. We worked together on some software development projects. The most recent one is a web platform developed by a team of 6 engineers.
Why do I cooperate with this company and am ready to recommend them?
Reliability, good performance, great technical knowledge. These guys are experts in providing excellent digital solutions. They always analyze customers’ requirements thoroughly and offer experience-based approaches to provide ideal technical solutions.
Excellent communication and project reporting. The guys always take into account customers’ feedback.
In the outcome, cooperating with Polytech Software, I get a high-quality software product, as well as perfect organization of the development process. “

Meeting in person with our long-term partner and client
Over the years of joint work, the teams have developed warm and friendly relations. That’s why, when in November 2021 we finally got a chance to meet in our office in Kyiv in person,
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Office life and remote working after the quarantine.
After rental contracts terminated, our operating costs decreased dramatically, allowing us to renew equipment and provide our employees with furniture for their home-offices. We also came up with and implemented a cost compensation system

Office life backstage

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