We offer implementation of reliable, scalable, easily supported software based on a modern technology stack

Mobile (iOS/Android)

Web Backend

Web Frontend



Machine Learning / Data Science

QA & Testing


Our portfolio includes projects with different Tech Stacks. Building software products we apply the most suitable programming languages, software development tools, and methodologies.

Mobile (iOS/Android)

Native: iOS (Swift/Objective-C), Android(Kotlin/Java)

Cross-platform: React Native, Flutter, Ionic

Backend: REST API, Firebase, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions

Push notifications, Geolocation, Payments, Social integration, MDM solutions, Offline mode, Mobile analytics and monitoring

Web Backend

PHP: Symfony, Laravel

Node.js: Express.js, Meteor, MEAN

.Net: .Net Core, .Net Framework

SQL Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL

NoSQL: MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, Azure Cosmos DB

 Redis, Elasticsearch, Varnish

Deployment: Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift

Cloud: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform

Web Frontend

Classic Applications: Vanilla JS, jQuery 

Single-Page Applications: Angular, React, Vue (JavaScript/TypeScript) 

Progressive Web Apps: Ionic Desktop 

Web-based Apps: Electron 

Browser Extensions: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge 

UI/UX Material Design: UI, Fuse, Bootstrap


Backend: Apex, SOQL, SOSL 

Frontend: Lightning Web Components, Aura Components, Visualforce, Bootstrap; JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Declarative Development – process automation: Lightning Flow, Process Builder, Approval Process, Validation Rules, Workflow, Escalation Rules, Assignment Rules 

Declarative Development – concepts, frameworks, models, reporting tools: Data Model; Security and Permissions – Profiles, Permission Sets, OWD, Field-Level Security, Hierarchy Role, Sharing Rules; Dashboards and Reports; Connected Apps 

Salesforce CloudsLightning Platform, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Field Service Lightning, Communities, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Mulesoft; Heroku.

MuleSoft: Anypoint Studio, RAML, DataWeave Marketing Cloud, AMPscript 

Salesforce Products: SFDX (Salesforce Developer Experience), NPSP (Nonprofit Success Package) 

Tools: The Welkin Suite, VSCode, IDE, Ant Migration Tool, Data Loader, MuleSoft Anypoint Studio, PMD

Heroku: Java, Ruby


Azure Compute: Service Fabric, Functions, Kubernetes Services, Web App, Virtual Machines

Azure Databases: SQL, Redis, Cosmos DB, Tables, BLOB, Queue

Azure Networking: Virtual Network, Load Balancer, Firewall, Application Gateway, CDN

AWS Compute: ECS, Fargate, EKS, EC2, Lambda

AWS Databases: RDS, Redis, ElastiCache, S3

AWS Networking: VPC, SecurityGroup, ALB,ELB, CloudFront

GCP Compute: AppService, Compute Engine

GCP Databases:
 SQL, Storage Bucket, Container Registry

GCP Networking: Cloud DNS, Cloud CDN, Load Balancing

.NET C# (.NET Framework, .NET Core)

Networking: Web API, WCF 

Desktop Development: WPF 

Web Development: ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms 

ORM: Entity Framework, nHibirnate, Dapper


CD/CI: TeamCity, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, TFS, Butbicket Pipeline

Monitoring: ELK, Prometheus, Grafana, Azure Insights, AWS Cloud Watch, NewRelic

Incident Response/Notifications: PagerDuty, Slack, Online messenger, Bots

Machine Learning / Data Science

Languages: Python, R

ML Libraries: TensorFlow, XGBoost

Web + BI & Visualization:
 Shiny, Power BI, Tableau

QA and Testing

Scripting languages: JavaScript/TypeScript, Java, Kotlin, Ruby, C#.Net, PowerShell, Go, Python, Bash 

Automated testing tools: Selenium, Appium, Watir, Cucumber, Gatlin, Apache JMeter, BlazeMeter, LoadUI, BrowserStack, jUnit, TestNG, VMware, ESXi, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, Postman, xCode, Android Studio, Fiddler, Genimotion, Veracode 

Infrastructure tools: 
Jira, Basecamp, Trello, Asana, FogBugz, Testlink, Testrail, GitHub, GitLab, Docker, Bitbucket, Bamboo, CircleCI, TeamCity, Azure Pipelines, AWS CodePipeline 

Success Stories

Find out about software products and business solutions of our clients.
With our case studies, we will tell you how we turned ideas into reliable, useful and valuable software

Backup and disaster recovery solution
“It’s no exaggeration to say that without our Ukraine engineering team we could not have achieved the rapid growth which led to our success in the market”
A private cloud platform for enterprises
The Cloudistics platform is a private cloud which provides convenient and quick application administration alongside with efficient resource control – disk space, memory, network.
Real-time microcredit risk assessment
A Salesforce-based system that integrates with analytical software and unites borrower data with the processes of their collection and processing done by operators, call center operators, and client managers.
Data analysis for a private school network
To raise student performance and to be able to predict exam results based on attendance, in-class performance, and doing homework, the client decided to apply a data science technology.

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