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Polytech Software provides product development services, business process automation solutions, application development on the Salesforce platform, independent testing, data analysis, custom software development, and support and maintenance services.

We have been in business for more than 15 years. Collaborating with us you get a stable partnership, clarity in all communications, solid practical knowledge on software development as well as implementation experience for different industries.


At Polytech Software, we help our customers develop advanced software products

Product Development and Consulting​

We build Dedicated Development Teams which are a critical component to our customers' product development strategies combining talent, empathy, intuition, and customer focus with proficiency in any programming language and tech stack.​

QA and Testing

Our QA department's thorough work results in reliable, user-friendly software. We offer both manual and automated software testing as well as a ready-made framework, which allows organizing automated software testing from scratch rapidly.

Salesforce Development and Implementation

We offer a full range of end-to-end Salesforce solutions being experts in taking care of routine tasks, developing functionality, fine-tuning the implementation, and providing support for applications developed on Salesforce platform.

Custom Software Development

Our team combines experience with the latest technologies and application models offering development services for less than you would spend doing it yourself.

Data science

The ability to leverage data has become key to ensuring effective business operation on the market. We analyze collected data to design models to predict future trends.

24/7/365 Technical Support

24/7 Outsourced Support for application developers and SaaS products.

Success Stories

Customer approach

We collaborate with about 200 companies and our portfolio contains over 800 successfully implemented projects.
Depending on your project needs, we will consult you for free and offer the most appropriate way of your project implementation.

Long-term collaboration

The average duration of our projects is 7+ years. 40% of our customers have been collaborating with us since the company was founded, i.e. for more than 15 years. After turning to us once, 90% of our customers continue to work with us to this day.

Advantageous terms of cooperation

Collaborating with a software outsourcing company is cost-effective. Your budget is at average 50% less than after engaging local IT product companies or hiring your own engineers. The products we build can be supported and scaled easily and our customers don’t have to pay for costly customization and support.

The brands that trust us

Each of our projects is important to us. Valuing our customers’ trust we are ready to do our best to deliver the desired result.

Dell Customer
Kyocera Customer
Quest Customer
Wonga Customer
CEO and Founder at Acuity

Andrew Lane

CEO and Founder at Acuity

” We have been working with Softheme since 2015. As a start up it was essential to find a software development company that could provide us with the right level of support and expertise when we needed it and Softheme has made scaling up our business quick and effortless.

Their knowledge, skills and experience means we have the utmost trust in their abilities and quality of work. They have brought structure and process to our product development activities. They have become specialists in our market, enabling us to work efficiently as well as challenge ourselves, bringing new ideas to fruition with speed. “

Senior Software Engineer at Volkswagen AG
Volodymyr Osadchyy
Senior Software Engineer at Volkswagen AG

” I have known Polytech Software Company for 15+ years now. We worked together on some software development projects. The most recent one is a web platform developed by a team of 6 engineers.
Why do I cooperate with this company and am ready to recommend them?
Reliability, good performance, great technical knowledge. These guys are experts in providing excellent digital solutions. They always analyze customers’ requirements thoroughly and offer experience-based approaches to provide ideal technical solutions.
Excellent communication and project reporting. The guys always take into account customers’ feedback.
In the outcome, cooperating with Polytech Software, I get a high-quality software product, as well as perfect organization of the development process. “

Technologies and Skills

Our portfolio includes projects with different Tech Stacks. Building software products we apply the most suitable programming languages, software development tools and methodologies.

Mobile (iOS/Android)

Native: iOS (Swift/Objective-C), Android(Kotlin/Java)
Cross-platform: React Native, Flutter, Ionic
Backend: REST API, Firebase, AWS Lambda, Azure Cloud Functions

Web Back-end

PHP: Symfony, Laravel
Node.js: Express.js, Meteor
.Net: .Net Core, .Net Framework

Web Front-end

Classic Applications: Vanilla JS, jQuery
Single-Page Applications: Angular, React, Vue (JavaScript/TypeScript)
Progressive Web Apps: Ionic


Backend: Apex, SOQL, SOSL
Frontend: Lightning Web Components, Aura Components, Visualforce, Bootstrap

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How it works

Just contact us, explain the task or the idea of your project – and we are on board! We will analyze the task, offer our vision of the implementation, estimate labor and project costs, and finally, get to work.

1. Contact

This is a familiarization stage. We will ask you to describe to us your project and the task you would like to start the collaboration with, and provide the relevant information about our experience and capabilities, based on your request.

2. Expert Analysis

We look into your request and analyze it carefully so that to find an optimal variant for its realization. After that, you get our offer drawn up as a Project Vision with a collaboration model, implementation approach, and technological solution.

3. Start of the collaboration

We start preparing for the project kick off detailing the project specification, providing CVs of the engineers who will participate in it, determining the team structure, contact points, and meeting schedules.

4. The project implementation stage

At this stage all the processes should be launched. It is also crucially important to make sure that the work was started at the right speed and in the right direction. We control the quality of the deliverables and the reporting format making sure that our team has managed to integrate in the business processes of our customers. We thoroughly analyze the feedback, respond rapidly, and adjust the work of the team if needed.

Why us?

Our experience, knowledge and operating principles are a great advantage for our clients

On-time and on-budget delivery

We help you bring your best product to market faster to stay ahead of the competition.

Expertise and Experience

We have successfully completed over 250 projects. Software written by our programmers is widely available all over the world – in the USA, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Lebanon, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy.

Flexibility and client-oriented approach

40% of our clients have been using our services since 2006. We follow an unparalleled crowd management style. We treat every project as an individual style service. Our flexible team generates ideas that work, learns from previous experience, and adopts best practices.

Reliable, scalable and secure software

We develop software products that you can confidently deliver to your customers.

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Leadership Team

Every member of our leadership team has solid experience in software development; we know all the peculiarities of the IT industry, participate in the IT community life, and are far from bureaucracy and formalism. Such an approach facilitates the implementation of innovative solutions enabling favorable climate for project development.
Vadim Sharko

Founder & Executive Director

Irina Tsulaia

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Rustam Nurgudin

Partner, Chief Technical Officer

Adam Nelson

Board Advisor

Key Polytech Software Facts


Years in busines

We work stably despite any changes in the economy and geopolitics. Supporting smooth project work and sticking to the agreement with our customers has always been our top priority.



We collaborate with enterprises in any part of the world adjusting to the different time zones, going on business trips if needed, and receiving customers in our office.




The number of engineers is growing alongside the growth of the company. At the very beginning, there were only 20 people in our team. Each of our team members is a high level professional in their field, and our customers are served by the teams that exactly match their requests.

86,4 M

Man-hours of software development

We develop, test, support, maintain, and integrate software building cool products.


To make sure that your web portal is user-friendly just order Smoke testing of your web product.

It will take us from 2 to 4 weeks to check all the UI elements, the most frequently used user scenarios, and to test third-party API integration. We will check the safety and security of your application, conduct load testing, and recommend the optimal configuration of the application server.

Polytech Software blog

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After rental contracts terminated, our operating costs decreased dramatically, allowing us to renew equipment and provide our employees with furniture for their home-offices. We also came up with and implemented a cost compensation system

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