Software Upgrades to Apply for Water Treatment Business

Published on August 13, 2020
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Rustam Nurgudin

Rustam Nurgudin

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Who is this for?

If you are reading this article, then you are aware that the water treatment and purification business is on the rise. Everyone wants to drink crystal clear and tasty water. These days, most offices and buildings are equipped with water purification units. The global water purification market was valued at $53 billion in 2016. It is expected to reach $110 billion by 2025!
If you have decided to start working in this business domain (or if you are already in it), you will be aware that there are complex issues to be resolved. In this article I’ll specify some details of proper IT infrastructure architecture creation to support water treatment.

Why would you need workflow automation?

A properly selected custom solution will prevent the occurrence of numerous problems which can be encountered by both new entrants and well-established companies. These include:

  • Decline in customer loyalty due to delayed or low-quality services provided
  • Excessive investments due to unreasonably large warehouses
  • Overstatement of customer service cost due to non-optimized routes for the service agents, etc.

For example – one small company had a full-time employee whose role was deciphering bank statements to identify which customers had already paid for the service. By implementing software module, which performed the calculations, the company managed to reduce this position and made a considerable saving.

How much does such a system cost and how to keep costs to a minimum?

Implementation of an effective, secure, reliable, and scalable software system may be costly. Decision making requires examination based on the necessities of your business and projected growth. For example, if you have only one service agent and do not anticipate 100x growth in the next few months investing in a powerful dispatching system for the agents makes no sense.

Checklist – what solution would be suitable for the support of IT infrastructure architecture?

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Depending on the systems you deliver or sell (industrial, office and/or household), the CRM should be able to support B2B & B2C deals.
  2. Availability of the module to sell goods and services online, and a subscription-based payment model.
  3. Warehouse module. Depending on the size of your company, the module implementation may vary. An inventory of components and consumables is enough for a small enterprise. But if you have dozens of “field” specialists, then you need to implement a “smart” system able to keep a record of the warehoused components, generate goods release notes depending on the agent’s itinerary, and make provisions for the consumables given to the agent.
  4. Integration with the payment system.
  5. Dispatching module for orders and service agents. A mobile application related to this module that improves agent performance: Basic functionality of the application – optimized routing and order invoicing; cloud-based storage of photo documentation of the location of filters inside, comments on the system installation; payment terminal.

We are ready to partner with you to develop and implement an automated business system. We specialize in solving business problems for our clients. We do not sell a “one-size-fits-all” solution. There is nothing as expensive as the implementation of “one-size-fits-all” cheap solutions. Otherwise, everyone who works under the same scheme – would succeed :). A piece of advice: try to define the problem you want to solve and listen to the way the company offering its business automation services will address your specific problem.
This is an innovative age. New technologies able to yield tangible benefits for the business are being developed every day. Here are the modules you’ll definitely need in the near future:

Sales forecast

By using the CRM system data, artificial intelligence systems may predict sales with a high degree of accuracy. And this, in turn, means that the water treatment business will have a purchase forecast, including expensive equipment.

Equipment control systems

IoT. Quite inexpensive and effective. Control over water volume that passes through the filter, automated notification of the customer and the service agent on the replacement. Operational check of the UV bulb lamp for water disinfection.

Augmented reality video conferencing

This enables you to add the Chief Engineering Officer to real-time call to help solve complex problems. Everything happens as if the expert is standing next to the service agent. One may demonstrate the details of the installation scheme, and highlight the machinery breakdown based on the findings from the systems described above, and much more.

Remember that nowadays IT systems able to handle almost everything, if not all!

Written by: Rustam Nurgudin, CTO at Polytech Software, Head of Setup & Implementation Department for CRM Systems, including Salesforce-based solutions. 50+ successful implementations, hundreds of thousands of dollars saved to the customers. Making use of our services for custom automation of business processes will get you on a winning streak. Address to us: [email protected].

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