Application for a muscle activity assessment

A mobile app to visualize muscle contractions in real time and a cloud-integrated solution to collect and store data for medical research for veterinarians and trainers

About the project:

MyoDynamik is a successful startup focused on CURO technology. Its acoustic myography analysis unit obtains muscle contraction data with the sensors, combining Acoustic MyoGraphy with a proprietary score calculation algorithm, and allows the user to monitor muscles work and detect imbalances in real time. The design of the device is carefully tailored for ease of use in veterinary medicine, namely on dogs and horses, and repeatedly approved by the end users.

Location: Denmark

Industry: Healthcare, Veterinary medicine, Horsemanship, SaMD

Timeframe: 2012 – 2022



Measuring muscle contractions is especially important for animal trainers, as it helps them to better assess the muscle’s balance, strength, endurance and general condition, and thus make training activities safer and more efficient. The client initially wanted a user-friendly mobile app that would process the obtained data, analyze them by a variety of parameters and visualize for the user in real time in the form of easy-to-read charts and graphs. In the process of mobile application development the goals expanded, and the app had to provide a sophisticated precise tool for locating and identifying muscle injuries, as well as the ability to collect large amounts of data, which is widely demanded in veterinary medicine and medical research.

Technical Solution

Polytech Software assembled a full-cycle and self-managed remote development team of Web Backend Developers, Mobile Developers, QA Engineers, and a project manager. The work started from building a mobile application from scratch, and in order to enhance it and meet all the extended goals we’ve also developed a Cloud-integrated solution, leveraging efficient technologies, including Yii2 and Ionic, to name a few. The software obtains the data, collected by the main device with the sensors, and facilitates the process of their analysis, visualization and storage, showing the results to the end user in real time via clear and comprehensible charts and qualitative indicators. Precision and reliability are especially important when it comes to medical monitoring devices, so our QA experts integrated rigorous testing on all stages of development to ensure the quality of the final product isn’t compromised.

The system consists of the CURO device and sensors, iPad and iPhone apps, and cloud service. 

The first version of the mobile application developed by our team was adapted for dogs (CURO canine) and horses (CURO equine), successfully published on AppStore and is actively used by veterinarians and animal trainers. The new version is under development and it’s going to be even more efficient, allowing the end-user to access CURO via Cloud without the need to be at close range with the device. Also the system has a significant potential to become a separate application (CURO clinic) for human medical facilities.

Polytech Software Team

The team consists of two full-time software developers (Ionic developer and YII developer), who continue to support and upgrade the apps. Trials and professional quality assurance is provided on-demand by our QA department.


Our team has designed and developed both mobile and Cloud apps from scratch, building efficient software architecture paired with a modern concise UI/UX design. The solution has a great potential in medical research, not only for animals but also for humans, helping the doctors collect such a huge amount of data that will allow them to investigate new injury treatment strategies.

Technical Details

To develop an efficient and intuitive veterinary software solution Polytech Software Team had to carefully consider the entire process of assessment of the patient’s data, starting from the moment when the sensor detects the sound of the muscle contraction and ending with how to make UI/UX design user-friendly and consistent. 

As per initial specifications the work was carried out in three directions: cross-platform mobile development of the app, backend development together with data storage solution, and frontend development of the web client.

The mobile development team managed to create an iOS application, which controls the muscle activity measurement process via wireless connection with the CURO device and represents the analyzed results in both text and simple attractive graphics. Our iOS developer utilized the Ionic framework for its cross-platform capabilities. 

Our YII developer worked on storing all measurement statistics on a remote server and making it accessible through both web interface and mobile application.

The Frontend developer implemented a web client using jQuery and Bootstrap.

Technology stack