Digital payday loans

For more than a decade Payday loans online platform has been the largest and most popular platform in Europe and the UK. It is integrated with a large number of third-party services, has its own API, processes big data streams, and provides uninterrupted service to a large number of users.

Facts & Figures:

  • A total of up to 65 Programmers and Testers were engaged in Ukraine. That’s a rather big team staffed in a short space of time – within six months only. We have achieved such a scalability by a clear understanding of the requirements to the programmers, intelligent training organization and the smart way of how we got started with the project. The quality of the staff is proved by the fact that 5 persons have been invited and currently work as a Lead Programmers and Project Leads at the client’s HQ in Warsaw.
  • Quarterly meetings to plan iterations are being held for more than 10 years. Meetings were held in all countries where the client’s offices were located. Now the meetings are held in Warsaw (Poland) or Kyiv (Ukraine).
  • 12 years of collaboration with the client (continuing to this day). Being the trusted and reliable partner, we keep on evolving and evolve the product to meet the market demands.
  • It was Europe’s best-in-category product for 10 years.

Current Project Status:

At present, the platform has transformed into an indispensable app for banks. Market coverage – Poland. This platform serves a large number of users and is continuously evolving. Our result – for 10 years in a row – we develop and support Europe’s most popular payday loans platform.

The History:

British and Irish architects have developed this platform, which positioned itself as a startup first. To make the market entry quick, they needed a team of developers able to create a user interface, develop API for integration with partners, and implement the business functionality. Agile approach and vibrant, active microclimate allowed us to put together a large team of developers in Kyiv. We have leveraged the productivity of this team and turned the startup into the most popular B2P financial service in Europe.

The Project Goal

To create a team, to configure a system of training, to transfer the knowledge, and to maintain the mastermind atmosphere.

To cut the costs of the customer and to shorten the time taken to develop the product. To let the client be focused on the continuous and smooth supply of market-demanding and successful, competitive product.

Our Deliverables

Technology stack


Angular, PHP 5/7, Drupal 8, MySQL / Postgres;


C#.NET, .NET Core





Message framework:



NHibernate, Entity Framework


AWS Lambda, AWS Cognito, ECR





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