Online identity verification platform

The platform enables seamless and secure online collection, verification and management of personal data automating the bureaucracy and eliminating email or paper transactions.

Project Description:

The application provides consumers’ verified scans or photos of documents needed to conclude contracts and receive services to companies, eliminating the need for personal meetings. For example, driving licenses to car rental companies, passports to insurance companies, etc.  The cloud platform ensures safe storage of clients’ documents providing access to authorized users from any location anytime. Virtual copies of documents stored in the system are secured with reliable encryption algorithms.

Our collaboration lasts for over 5 years. We stick to  a “time and material” model: the application development and support is provided by one full-time software developer. Other engineers are engaged as needed.

Alex Shevchenko, the head of the web and mobile development department in Polytech Software, says, “We started with a small-scale project performing mobile application development for an already existing platform. When the mobile application was built, our developers continued supporting and modifying the platform, it’s backend and frontend. Currently, application development and support is the responsibility of the Polyteh Software team, the Implementation and maintenance is coordinated with the CTO of our client company.”

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