Medical evidence gathering software

MDG, the UK leading provider of medical gathering evidence services, has been our client since 2009

Project Description:

Investing in its innovative infrastructure, MDG has its software constantly developed, improved, and maintained. The software ensures quick and flexible services on gathering and providing medical evidence. Being engaged in the project, the Polytech Software team develops and implements the software that collects and processes data for medical professionals and insurers. 

The software product line consists of nine products. Each of them is a data collection module and a module providing access to the collected data to both the specialists making decisions and users, and a database. Data entry is carried out through the web-interface, as well as off-line with the help of a tablet or a mobile device. Data access is provided via web and desktop interface. 

The software development process started more than ten years ago. The very first app version was written in Delphi. With the course of time the initially used technologies were substituted with more up-to-date ones and today the software is built on the platform .NET.


Сompleted tasks

  • Creating a user-friendly interface for data entry;
  • Implementing data processing algorithms;
  • Developing a reliable solution for data storage;
  • Providing users with convenient access to data;
  • Building a mobile data gathering app working on- and off-line;
  • Ensuring safe and reliable data transfer;
  • Implementing a one-way data synchronization algorithm with high requirements for their safety.


During our cooperation, we designed, developed, tested, planned, and supported the software product line as well as ported the legacy code. During the period of active development, which lasted approximately five years, a team of twelve programmers was working on the project. Nowadays, the software product line is supported by one developer.

Technology stack






Entity Framework