A private cloud platform for Enterprises

An all-inclusive, pre-architected private cloud with exceptional support, data security, and a marketplace of applications that can be deployed in minutes.

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Project Description

Working jointly with the on-site software development team, we tested the product, built a user interface, and developed virtualization services. 

The client entered the market with the high-tech platform, the project the Polytech team also participated in. We provided the client with the needed engineers who were hard and time-consuming to search for on-site. Their assistance helped to accelerate the development process.

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Our role in the project

Our team executed manual and automated testing of the system’s functionality. We also participated in the portal development: built the user interface, implemented the internal logic. Our engineers were involved in the customization of the system core services including data migration to the Cassandra database, developed the reporting system, enhanced drivers functionality.

We were also engaged in the platform customization and implementation of customers’ requests.

The selection process of engineers consisted of CV screening and an interview with the client. At all stages of our cooperation, we provided a testing and engineering team, scaling its size in accordance with the ongoing tasks. At first, a team of three engineers participated in building and testing the beta version of the product. Later on, at the active development phase, the team increased and consisted of twelve people. 

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