Real-time microcredit risk assessment

A Salesforce-based system that integrates with analytical software and provides real-time microcredit risk assessment


The CTO of the product:

“Wonga, one of the largest Poland payday lender, has been cooperating with Polytech Software for more than five years. Being a fintech company we make the best possible use of technology as it is crucially important for our business development. In this matter, we can fully rely on the Polytech team. One of the key achievements of our cooperation is a fully functional Back-office system based on the Salesforce platform that is used by our employees every day.

The developed solution integrates the Salesforce tools for customer service support with our risk-management solution and other services providing our employees access to all needed data for making informed credit decisions quickly, changing repayment conditions, or answering customer requests. All the functionality is easy to support and customize due to using best practices and the Salesforce tools.”

Facts & figures:

  • Client geography: the UK, the Republic of South Africa, Poland, Spain, Canada.
  • The maximum annual turnover received over the years of the system existence amounted to more than $100 million.
  • The median loan size is $150.

The Project Description

Polytech Software was engaged in the project for building and developing a back-office software for a loan management system. This back-office software should have been based on the Salesforce platform and integrated with a specialized analytical software for risk assessment. At different project stages, the team size varied from one to four Salesforce developers. They worked on data processing and formalization, integrated with external systems, created custom reports, built processes for various roles like operators and managers. 

The Solution

Technology stack

Salesforce, Apex, Visualforce

Batch jobs, triggers, workflow rules

Process Builder, API integration, Ant migration tool

Packages, unit tests, TDD

Salesforce settings: profiles, roles, sharing model, page layouts, linked lists, validation rules

WEB: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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