Optimization of a company’s management and business processes by maintaining its Salesforce products and Community Cloud integration

Fast facts about our client

JET Equioment and Tools (dba SureWerx) Company was established in 1957. It’s a
leading provider of professional tools, safety equipment and PPE products throughout North America and
starting to build a presence in Europre.


Location: Canada, USA, EMEA

Customer: JET Equioment and Tools (dba SureWerx)

Employees: 250

Industry: Manufacturing and Distribution

Timeframe: January 2019 – present


We were contacted by SureWerx who had been using the Salesforce platform for its business automation. Being
in a stage of dynamic digital growth, the company needed to update its current system based on the Salesforce
platform. The client also wanted to more fully exploit the new capabilities offered by the Salesforce platform
including Community Cloud implementation for communicating and interacting with their partners and

Our Proposal

After doing a thorough analysis of the client’s request, we offered the most appropriate way of how to update the company’s business and management process automation by refining and customizing the current functionality of the Salesforce platform and implementing the new one.
The implementation plan consisted of several tasks:
  • System administration in terms of report generating, and data cleansing
  • Bug-fixing and implementing users’ requests as for customizing the functionality of the system
  • Developing and enhancing the community portal


We offered a team of two full-time engineers and one consulting analyst. After analyzing the tasks, the
engineers started carrying them out in order of priority:
  • Further development of the Community Cloud used by the company
  • Convenient searching and filtering of the company’s goods
  • Optimizing the order placement procedure
  • Refining the partner portal – developing a more convenient procedure for the partners’ order placement
  • Implementing Wizard for flexible selection and modification of goods
  • With respect to the platform administration – customizing data import from external systems with the help of data cleaning using standard Salesforce approaches as well as a third-party tool, DBAMP
  • Updating SEO settings for the website

On average we needed only one day to allocate additional resources for the team. Such speed allowed us to change the team size and team members for doing urgent tasks.


Eight hour difference in time zones between the Canadian and Ukrainian teams didn’t prevent us from meeting the deadlines and performing the tasks according to the customer’s requests. It became possible due to the fine-tuned communication processes.


Due to higher priority tasks, fixing the “oldest” bug had been postponed for nine months before the problem was solved. Engaging service providers can ensure that all tasks in the backlog will be done on time.

0 +

The project took us 6000+ hours to implement. If the tasks had been done by one person, the work would have taken three years. After engaging the highly-qualified team, the customer got the result much faster.


  1. Our expertise of Salesforce platform helped to implement new functionality in the existing working system. Comprehensive reviews of the client’s current systems and processes were conducted before addressing the new initiatives to facilitate business growth. Salesforce standardized implementation processes were applied in developing the new business functions. Our engineers are full certified in Salesforce development and had no difficulty in applying standards and new Salesforce features to the business system and data structures.
  2. Dynamic team building helped to deal with a queue of requests to improve and modify the system. In most cases, it’s hard to foresee resource requirements to accomplish the project objectives in a timely fashion. We carefully matched the number of engineers on the project to suit development demands.


We continue to collaborate with the client providing technical support on the Salesforce platform. We enjoy
doing the tasks as they are challenging and require high levels of expertise and professionalism. By working
with us the client got a system that corresponds to their current needs with updated business processes. It has
undeniable benefits for the business helping eliminate delays in request processing and in interaction with
vendors, distributors, and customers.

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