Data Science

Applying Data science helps find trends and patterns in big amounts of raw data which are hard to detect analyzing data manually or applying standard statistical methods. You can learn more about the behavior of your target audience without doing costly and time-consuming research. All the needed information is already in the database. We offer to get more knowledge about data in a short period of time with the help of Data science methods.


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About Data Science

1. You don’t have to define specific requirements. Everything needed is your database in any format and an access to it. 

2. Delivering a Data Science project usually takes from one to three months and consists of two stages – data preparation and data analysis based on statistical methods, machine learning, and data mining. 

3. You get detailed reports on findings in trends and behavior patterns. 

4. After receiving the first results we can adjust the approach deepening your knowledge on the trends and behavior patterns that are of high interest to you.

Data science is a new and fast-developing technology based on building mathematical models. We have a mathematical base needed for building and setting up mathematical models and interpreting results. 

At each stage of project delivery, we provide detailed reports on planned actions, paying special attention to a customer’s requests and focusing on searching the trends important for their business. Final results are presented in the form of a report with charts, tables and descriptions of detected trends and patterns. 

After ordering Data Science service from us, our customers have already increased their companies’ efficiency, as they got new interpretations of collected data saving on marketing research.

Based on the data collected in the database, a customer gets comprehensive information on trends and patterns that are specific to their business. It enables them to make well-informed and advantageous decisions. 

Data science solutions are relevant for:

– Fraud prevention;

– Decision automation for supply and demand chain;

– Customer intelligence and personalization;

– Marketing optimization;

– Data management;

– Predictive maintenance

Anybody who wants to make their business more efficient understanding their customers’ behavior and planning their strategies more effectively. 

Our portfolio contains Data science solutions for:

1. Wholesalers.

2. Financial projects.

3. Education projects.

4. Medical companies.

5. Real estate agencies.

Related industries

With our case studies, we will tell you how we turned ideas into reliable, useful and valuable solutions or software

Tech Stack

The technology that we use for more efficient work and qualitative result

ML Libraries:

TensorFlow, XGBBoost


Python, R

Web + BI & Visualization:

Shiny, Power BI, Tableau

How it works

Just contact us, explain the task or the idea of your project – and we are on board! We will analyze the task, offer our vision of the implementation, estimate labor and project costs, and finally, get to work.

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