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Get an offsite team of programmers that can serve as an efficient extension to your core team or will take on all the functions of your software development department. Our offer is equally applicable to early stage startups, mid-sized businesses, and large enterprise product teams. 

We solve the problem that almost all product teams have, which difficulty in scaling an on-site product team due to a combination of a shortage of qualified talent, and the high cost of this talent in many Western markets.


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About Product Development and Consulting

You manage the team and the software development process, we recruit, compose, and organize a group of experienced engineers for your product development team.

Once we have a list of engineers who’s skills correspond the project requirements, we work with the customer to review the carefully selected candidates, ensuring that the customer doesn’t waste time interviewing candidates that don’t match their requirements. Once we find an engineer who is a good fit for the customer’s team, we take care of on-boarding that engineer, leaving the customer so that he can focus on building their product.

The most convenient thing is that expenses and work quality are entirely transparent for a customer. At each stage of the software development lifecycle, a customer gets specialists with the appropriate level of expertise without overpaying for overqualification in fulfilling simple tasks, whereas highly qualified specialists are involved in solving only key technical tasks.

Customers from all over the world are building successful products using dedicated product teams which we’ve set up. We’ve build product teams around a wide range of tech stacks, languages, and cloud platforms. No matter what the specific requirements, we can draw on our extensive past experiences as well as Ukraine’s vast talent pool to find the right resources.

We are experienced in creating teams for companies, that build software products in different spheres: banking, financial sector, advertising and marketing platforms, retailing, entertaining portals, training programs, data processing and storage, Cloud applications, corporate systems of information and document exchange, medical insurance.
  • Recruiting, screening, interviewing, and hiring
  • Technical training
  • Information and network security
  • Tax, regulatory, and legal compliance
  1. Scalability, project development potential. Depending on the business goals, the team size can be either increased or decreased.
  2. Access to our staff reserve. In case a customer doesn’t have in-house engineers with the rare skills needed for the project accomplishment, we will be able to provide them.
  3. Transparency and control of resources. A customer works with the team as if it was in their office. They communicate with the team at all levels, control the quality delivery process, work efficiency, and salary of each programmer.
  4. More time on business development. Dedicated R&D team saves time and budget. A customer doesn’t spend their time on recruiting and administrative matters.
  5. Long-term partnership. Cooperating with us, our customers get favorable rates and access to our talent pool. We are targeted at long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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How it works

Just contact us, explain the task or the idea of your project – and we are on board! We will analyze the task, offer our vision of the implementation, estimate labor and project costs, and finally, get to work.

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