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Get development of any complexity on Salesforce platform by Salesforce Silver Partner, with excellent quality and for a fair price.


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About Salesforce Platform Development and Implementation

  • Companies using Salesforce products. We help integrate Salesforce products with existing systems and automate business processes.
  • Companies which create Salesforce applications.We provide a highly qualified software development team. Service providers offering their services on Salesforce product implementation, maintenance, and support.
  • We provide experienced developers and consultants at any process development stage: from business problem analysis to optimal approach choices improving customer experience, report building, and staff training.
  1. We are Salesforce Silver Partner. Products we build for our customers meet recognized standards and practices, with their quality confirmed by Salesforce.
  2. We are a team of certified Salesforce professionals with more than seven year work experience on the Salesforce platform. Our expertise and experience allow our customers to get workable solutions that are easy to support and scale as well as ensure companies’ data safety and security.
  3. After engaging Polytech Software, our customers register their business efficiency improvement for 30-50%.
  4. We provide our services all over the world at outsourcing company rates without usual onsite office expenses. You save your budget, getting qualitative task solutions
  5. We have everything that is needed for developing on the Salesforce platform: software development experience, business process understanding, and excellent Salesforce expertise.

Automobile Manufacturer, USA: “Polytech team has been a trusted Salesforce partner in our Salesforce implementation journey. They have resources with the right skills, business acumen and sense of urgency. All the deliverables were without any defects and always delivered before time.” 

Consumer Products & Retail, Canada: “They were incredibly good, accurate, knowledgeable and real experts. I have nothing but good words for their work and Team. Super Professional team.” 

Eduardo Aguirre, Rafaga Consulting Group: “I have had the pleasure to collaborate with the team in multiple Projects and enhancements and the quality of their work simply put is outstanding. They are very professional and knowledgeable in all areas of Salesforce, they are fun to work with, reliable and they always deliver on time and with a high level of quality. They studied and learned our Data Model & implementation is no time and immediately provided great results.”

Come up with an idea. You don’t need to set aside your ideas and your team’s requests until you have a big backlog. Don’t delay innovations in your business processes if you can implement them immediately. So, once you have an idea – just contact us and share it. 

Contact us. Just send your request and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours, no matter if you have a big or small request. 

Receive a quote. We always first ensure that we understand how and what for the requested functionality will be used, so we can choose the best approach to fulfill your business goals for each request. Our experienced and certified Salesforce professionals will analyze your request, clarify all needed details and prepare a detailed description of what will be done, how it will be done, when it will be done, and with what budget. 

Sign a contract. If you’re happy with our proposal – we sign a support contract. Then our consultants and developers with the needed expertise will start working on your request. 

Delivery and Use. Once your requested functionality is developed and thoroughly tested by our team – it will be deployed to your Salesforce set-up so that you can start using it.

  • We are easy to work with. Hire certified Salesforce experts without leaving your office. Budget under control.
  • Stay within your budget with fully transparent estimates and reports.
  • Convenient invoicing. Pay for all services once a month.
  • Taking care of routine tasks. Performing all common tasks that might be needed, leaving your team time to focus on important goals.
  • Fine-tuning your implementation. Modifying or adding new automations, reports, fields, etc. with minimal downtime
  • Developing new functionality. Implementing new functionality for your team, no matter how complex it is, or even if it requires coding.
  • Providing support. Ensuring that your Salesforce set-up works correctly and empowers your team.

For Salesforce application development companies: 

  • Salesforce application development

For small and mid-sized businesses: 

  • Developing business process automation solutions based on Salesforce.
  • Consulting on Salesforce product use.

For companies working in any other industry: 

  • Integrating Salesforce with other business management software in your company.
  • Consulting on Salesforce product use.
  • Customizing Salesforce products, training users.
  • Lightning migration

For Salesforce developers: 
The Welkin Suite ( – a powerful IDE for Salesforce Developers and Administrators

  • Objects. Creating and modifying new fields, summarizing information, creating new objects
  • Salesforce UI. Adjusting tabs, layouts, and other pages for a more user-friendly navigation
  • Validation Rules. Implementing needed logic to validate and maintain data quality and restrictions
  • Automation. Automating business flows – from simple to most complex ones
  • Users. Managing your users in all areas – creation, permissions, troubleshooting issues
  • Troubleshooting. Resolving bugs and issues in your current Salesforce set-up
  • Development. Developing any functionality using Apex, Lightning and Visualforce
  • Integrations. Setting up or developing integrations with any external services
  • AppExchange Packages. Finding, installing and configuring any AppExchange packages
  • Reports and Dashboards. Configuring any kind of reports and dashboards

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Tech Stack

The technology that we use for more efficient work and qualitative result


Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities, Field Service Lightning Marketing Cloud, Mulesoft, Heroku


Apex Lightning Web Components, Aura Components, Visualforce, Marketing Cloud Dataweave


The Welkin Suite, VSCode, Mulesoft Anypoint Studio, SFDX, DBAmp

How it works

Just contact us, explain the task or the idea of your project – and we are on board! We will analyze the task, offer our vision of the implementation, estimate labor and project costs, and finally, get to work.

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