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Software that should work 24/7/365 requires well-organized support. Firstly, any program can crash. Secondly, users often have questions about software usage. Thirdly, there can be masked and latent bugs leading to data loss or incorrect data processing. Engaging our technical support team of highly qualified and experienced engineers, you can ensure quick request processing. 

With us, over 80 percent of problems users face are solved without engaging the software development department. On the rest 20% of problems, software development engineers get detailed information, allowing them to focus on fixing bugs immediately and eliminate critical problems as soon as possible.


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About 24/7/365 Technical Support

1. Our technical support engineers undergo training and as a result, understand all the specifics of the supported software product.

2. They can always be easily contacted by any means of communication.

3. The support is done by experienced programmers and testers.

4. We build the team in such a way that allows us to rapidly analyze and reproduce requests or bugs, and, after giving priority status, transfer them to the software development department.

5. The technical support engineers track the status of incoming requests and make sure that users are informed about the way their problems are solved and get all necessary bug fixes.

1. We are Salesforce Silver Partner. Products we build for our customers meet recognized standards and practices, with their quality confirmed by Salesforce.

2. We are a team of certified Salesforce professionals with more than seven year work experience on the Salesforce platform. Our expertise and experience allow our customers to get workable solutions that are easy to support and scale as well as ensure companies’ data safety and security.

3. After engaging Polytech Software, our customers register their business efficiency improvement for 30-50%.

4. We provide our services all over the world at outsourcing company rates without usual onsite office expenses. You save your budget, getting qualitative task solutions

5. We have everything that is needed for developing on the Salesforce platform: software development experience, business process understanding, and excellent Salesforce expertise.

Requests on defects in the implementation of a software product;

Problems with data validation;

Problems with system speed;

Problems arising from system overloads;

Problems connected with incomplete documentation.

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