How to employ an adequate software developer? Another case of 2020.

Published on October 21, 2020
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Rustam Nurgudin

Rustam Nurgudin

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Have the challenges of 2020 made a dramatic impact on your business? Have you shifted to working from home? What consequences will these challenges have for your company, as well as for the IT industry in general? 

If you are seeking answers to these questions, it’s worth spending a couple of minutes to read the article.

I’d like to start with an episode that happened to us in May this year.

One of our clients, who started as a product startup and grew up to a mid-level business, turned to us with an unexpected request. Being a software development company, our direct responsibility is to write code. Still, this time we were asked to do a recruiting agency’s job, i.e., to screen software engineers for our client. That included conducting a job interview, assessing candidates’ expertise, and giving feedback. Being a little bit baffled by such a request, we couldn’t help asking why the client decided to turn to us for help but not a job agency. We found out that the client initially cooperated with a recruiting agency but faced the need for some additional technical interview rounds and testings. As it proved, work experience mentioned in CVs, appropriate tech stack, and certificates didn’t guarantee that engineers had the needed level of expertise, were motivated, and goal-oriented. 

All in all, we decided to take on the job. As an outcome, we got new valuable experience, and our client got the needed employees. Each candidate came through a well established thorough recruitment process, so after we recommended the candidates to the client, one interview was enough for him to make a decision. 

A month later, three more clients turned to us with the same request. Responding to the demand, we started developing a service package for the technical screening of developers. 

Taking into account the fact that Polytech Software is a software development company but not a recruiting agency, we decided to find out the reasons for such an unusual trend.

The reason could have been predicted even before we started the research. As it came out, it’s all about COVID-19. The conclusion can hardly be called original as all the changes any business has to undergo nowadays are attributed to the pandemic. 

Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other global giants have shifted to working from home. Salesforce has recently announced that its employees are unlikely to come back to the office earlier than summer 2021. 

Today a lot of companies refuse to rent offices as due to the quarantine, they found out that it’s a waste of money. If you want to read about how we shifted to a “remote + coworking” working style, welcome to our blog. 

Optimizing business processes to reduce rental expenses and office maintenance costs had been a general trend before COVID-19 hit, and the pandemic just sped this process up.


Remote working isn’t the only one change businesses have to adjust to. One of the most obvious advantages of the ongoing transformations is the opportunity to employ developers globally and at the most reasonable prices. As a result, physical location is gradually losing its relevance, and the only thing that matters for distributed teams is the quality of the Internet connection.


In 2008 or 2009, ZOOM wouldn’t have been able to substitute personal meetings as easily as it does nowadays. Recruitment is an apt example of a business that benefits from it greatly. Due to the services offered by Zoom and other communication technology companies, job agencies start to cooperate not only with local businesses but also with the ones situated worldwide. On the other hand, businesses start working with several job agencies at the same time. They are often located in different countries and, as a result, have different work standards. This factor leads to tightening up the hiring process, conducting multiple-stage interviews, engaging highly-qualified specialists, and all in all, buying the appropriate software to manage this process. If job agencies could conduct complicated technical interviews by themselves, it would make everybody’s life much more comfortable. But in that case, they would have to deploy not only a recruiting but also technology center.

In this relation, engaging us in the hiring process was a very logical and rational decision. As we have been building software successfully for a long time, we have accumulated vast experience in recruiting software engineers, DevOps, testers, and managers. So analysing and picking out the most appropriate candidates out of the ones offered by recruiting agencies wasn’t a big challenge for us. What is more, among our three hundred highly qualified software developers, we can always find the ones who will be able to do an interview, estimate candidates’ expertise, summarise and formalize the information about their hands on experience, how fast and in what roles the candidates can be integrated in the project, what additional areas of expertise can the team obtain in case the candidates start cooperating with the customer. As a result, customers will get detailed information allowing them to make the correct decision. 

Sharing this information with you, we don’t pursue the goal of praising ourselves. Let’s speculate together. 

Who can find software development engineers best of all?    

  • The ones who are involved in this process on a daily basis looking for the staff for themselves. 
  • The ones who have a well-established recruitment process and a big contact database. 
  • The ones who can conduct technical interviews on almost any subject. Here is the list of the technologies we work with.
  • The ones who can interpret the results of technical interviews adequately, estimate candidates’ teamwork skills and ability to apply modern approaches to organize the software development process.

It’s a new but promising area for outsourcing companies. 

So if you need software developers, testers, DevOps engineers, but for some reason, have no desire to use the services of outsourcing companies, anyway, you should turn to us. We will take on all aspects of the recruitment process, helping you build a team of highly qualified software engineers. 

Our consultations are free of charge. 

Write at [email protected].

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